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Manufacturing of centrifugal electro-pumps, valves and polypropylene

Bomplast S.A. is a National Company founded in 1961. Bomplast is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing, within Argentina and abroad, of its merchandise. Such merchandise is entirely built in its industrial plan, located at 2653 Fournier Street in Buenos Aires.

Bomplast’s products are generally based on vertical centrifugal electropumps, that are hydraulically sealed. Given that there is no friction among the parts of the units you can use the unit in empty without causing any damage. This points out the difference between the mechanical-sealed pumps, stuffing box, among others.

The products are provided in models with a power ranging from 0.5 hp and 30 hp with a flow rate from 0.4 to 72 m3 per hour. The equipment is made for pumping, racking and lifting of highly corrosive chemical products (acids and alkalis) reaching a working temperature of 90° C – 194 F°. The equipment is suitable for the following industries: Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmacy, Mining, Fishing, Leather, Paper, Food, Cosmetology, etc. In addition to these pumps, Bomplast also manufactures ball valves, check valves, flanges and quick coupling adapters which are necessary for the installation circuits of the pumps. All these products are built with polypropylene, at no load, and are manufactured in several types and dimensions.

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Fournier 2653/55 (C1437DCK), Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic

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